The Truth About the Agility Gene.

AKC Gazette, Tracy Libby 

Stud Double

AKC Gazette, July 2011

Dog Writers Association of America Maxwell nominee for excellence in the category of "feature" in an All-Breed Magazine

For 30 years I have been writing about dogs---their history, their origin, and the purpose for which they were originally bred. I've covered most canine topics including nutrition, genetics, breed specific diseases, and cutting edge veterinary research--to name a few. One of my favorite topics is the human-canine bond---why we we love dogs so much, and why they love us unconditionally in return. Below are links to a few samples of my writings, which have appeared in most mainstream dog magazines including the AKC Gazette, AKC Family Dog, Dog Fancy, Dogs USA, Puppies USA, Training Secrets for the Australian Shepherd, Dog World, Modern Dog, and the Purina Pro Club Newsletter, as well as online for Embrace Pet Insurance. 

            Tracy Libby         Freelance Writing and Photography 

Researchers Aim to Find Genetic Market for Anasarca 

Purina Pro Club Newsletter, September 2011 

Celebrating Pit Bulls: National Pit Bull Awareness Month 

The Water Bowl / Embrace Pet Insurance, October 2013 

Congenital Megaesophagus​​​​

AKC Gazette, August 2011

Stem Cell Clinical Trials Begin for Treatment of Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Purina Pro Club Newslater, Doberman Pinscher Update, Sept 2009

Megaesophagus Research Focuses on Finding A Genetic Marker 

Purina Pro Club German Shepherd Dog Update, Sept. 2009