A Dog Writers' Association of America Maxwell recipient, Building Blocks for Performance is still selling like crazy--14 years later. Do you want your next performance dog to have that "Send me in Coach!"  spirit? The 2nd edition  includes additional training tips for 10 essential building blocks that will turn a puppy into a highly motivate, enthusiastic, confidence performance dog. Step-by-step methods and how-to photographs will help give your puppy that winning edge. Available on Amazon.com 

2002 Dog Writers Association of America Maxwell Award Winner (1st edition)

If you have a highly driven herder, a rowdy retriever, a tenacious terrier, or any dog who has an abundance of energy, High-Energy Dogs will show you how to live together happily and harmoniously. Available on Amazon.com  and fine bookstores everywhere. 

Get ready for your rescue! Every rescued dog has a story to tell. This book shares the amazing journeys of some very special rescued dogs to show owners how to solve common issues that rescued dogs often face. From the Pit Bull mix who needed socialization to the Lab who just won't stop barking, each heartfelt tale provides an important lesson for an adoptive dog owner. Available on Amazon.com  and at fine bookstores everywhere. 

The bond between humans and canines can be an incredible, life-changing one, and perhaps no one knows this better than the injured military men and women who benefit daily from the assistance, companionship, and unconditional love of a trained service dog. A portion of the proceeds from this book will help to fund the training of service dogs for our veterans. 

Available on Amazon.com and at fine bookstores everywhere. 

2016 Dog Writers Association of America Maxwell Award Winner 

​2016 Planet Dog Foundation Sit. Speak. Act. Canine Service Award

            Tracy Libby         Freelance Writing and Photography 

2015 Dog Writers Association of America Maxwell Award Nominee 

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